SIX Laser Lancet - Combi

Two Lasers in One Unit - High Power Diode Laser & Low Level Laser

SIX Laser Lancet - Combi


Of high power laser

• Pocket decontamination • Root canal decontamination • Pulp capping • Hemostasis • Gingival troughing fot crown impressions • Lesion and fibroma remuval • Frenectomy and Frenotomy • Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty • Vestibuloplasty • Incision and drainage of abscess • Operculectomy • Recontouring a gingival graft • Esthetic crown lengthening • Oral papillectomies • Implant uncovery • Reduction of gingival hypertrophy • Tooth desensitization • Treatment of periimplantitis • Removal of gingival hyperpigmentation • Treatment of Aphthous ulcers, Lichen Herpetic lesions, Leukoplakia • Removal inflamed soft tissue in periodontal pocket • Pulpotomy • Elimination of fistula • Biopsy • Whitening of discolored teeth

Of low power laser

Prevention of pain / After pain:
• Caries preparation • Crown preparation • Bridge preparation • Extractions • Periodontal surgery • Implants • Scaling • Endodontics • Preparation trauma

Healing / Regeneration:
• Periodontitis • Extractions, Alveolitis • Periodontal surgery • Implants • Nerve injuries • Aphthous ulcers • Herpes labialis • Stomatitis • Traumatic ulcer • Pulp hyperemia • Hematomas • Edema • Hematomas • Trismus • Scar smoothin • Sinuitis


Dental lasers for daily practice. Six Laser Lancet lets you perform a wide spectrum of bloodless manipullations such as: periodontal treatment and curettage, endodontic treatment and decontamination, mild tissue and ablation, haemostasis, dental whitening, etc. You can also apply Six Laser Lancet-combi to complete extra biostmulating and photodynamic therapy. It is controlled via a touch-screen display. Touching the screen results in displaying the following:
• perfectly adapted clinical treatment protocols
• photos and schematic images visualising each clinical treatment protocol
• clinical manual with information for each protocol

Technical data

Laser:Diode laser
Wavelength:980 /810 nm и 658 nm (Six Laser Lancet-combi)
Operating mode:continuous (cw), pulsed
Power:7 /10 W (λ=980 /810 nm)
30 /50 mW (λ=658 nm)
Cooling system:actively, with air, ensures continuous operation
Consumable items:optical fiber or optical tips