Dentotest SIX

Combined diagnostic-therapeutic apparatus featuring 6 functions

Dentotest SIX



● Automatic detection and recognition of the functional tips upon their placement
● Microprocessor control over all functions
● Function blocks upon patient's chain break
● Light and sound indication
● Battery power supply


● PULP SENSITIVITY (vitality-test)
● FOCAL DIAGNOSIS (test of Gellen-Standel)


● Apex location - an electrometric test to determine the length of the root canal under endodontic treatment, functions also in moisture environment.
● Pulp sensitivity (vitality-test)- an electrometric test for testing the tooth pulp sensitivity, assisting odontodiagnostics.
● Pulp perforation- an electrometric test for detection of microcommunication (colisio) with the tooth pulp following fractures, carious mass cleaning, etc.
● Pathogalvanism- an electrometric test for determining the corrosion potential and electromotive series of the metal replacements in the oral cavity.
● Focal diagnosis (test of Gellen-Standel)- an electrodermal test for diagnosing the focal activity in abnormal changes.
● Ionoforesis- a physiotherapeutic technique for introduction of therapeutic solutions into root canals, bone recesses, mild and solid tooth tissue.

DENTOTEST SIX is a combined apparatus designed for diagnostics and treatment in dentistry. There is an individual tip for every function that is automatically detected and recognised by the apparatus uponthe tip's attachmentwhile a message is displayed. Besides all functions feature light and sound indication. The relevant test reading is displayed when running diagnostic functions.
The apparatus automatically sets power and treatment duration depending on the patient's tissue resistance when running "ionophoresis" function and automatically shuts down upon expiring of the treatment duration. Power is gradually increased and decreased. The function automatically blocks after the patient's loop is broken.
The battery power supply provides for the safety operation of apparatus!



Tips Tips Tips Tips

Placement of tips:

Placement of tips Placement of tips Placement of tips

Technical data

Power supply:4х1,2V / 2500mAh, NiMH
dimensions:180 х 130 х 44 mm
weight:0,6 kg